The Lumens® DC172 Ladibug™ document camera comes with an unbeatable ultra-clear 4K UHD output resolution with 30 frames per second and can demonstrate remarkably detailed images of any object in real-time without
delays. The DC172 features image rotation and allows users to rotate the image for 90/180/270 degrees, plus flip/mirror images quickly. It also supports external storage via USB Flash drive, and a unique HDMI pass-through feature which can pass an image from a PC(NB) directly to a display. With our exclusive PC-free solution, it can carry out image annotation and control menu settings directly with a mouse. The unique joint-free gooseneck
enables a 360° viewing angle and is easy-to-use. Press one button to capture, record, playback the lecture material and get the perfect image quality every time. The Lumens® DC172 makes presentations and teaching more interactive and memorable for students in a 1:1 collaborative learning environment.

Key Features

• 4K,1080p, 720P, and XGA output resolution
• Rotate 90/180/270 degrees, and flip/mirror
• HDMI output and pass through up to 4K resolution
• Image annotation and menu operation by mouse
• Supports USB Flash Drive for capture and video

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