FUN-6313 Table-top Chairman Unit

  • Equipped with DSP chip: AGC and sensitivity adjustment for each microphone.
  • Equipped with OLED display: clearly show the operation modes. When the voltage of microphone is too low, the microphone would auto-off its operation and show the recent voltage value on the display. It helps evaluate system’s condition.
  • Equipped with digital coding, rather than DIP switch. Each unit’s ID number and the identity of chairman/delegate can be set by main control unit or graphical software directly.
  • The unit is equipped with white/red/green/orange LED indicator light to represent different operation modes: able to speak/speaking/override/FIFO.
  • Chairman unit has the priority to speak and control: operate instant OFF, permanent OFF and temporary OFF.
  • Applied with commonly-used Cat-5e cable.
  • Minimum space occupied: smallest microphone base in the world (115 X 100 mm) to increase the table using space for attendees.
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