Univeso Integrated Solutions Private Limited is a regional specialist system integration house focusing on low voltage technology.  Our skills are centered on audio visual, converged network technology and specialist control systems that are used in today’s buildings and facilities.

System Integration for Univeso Integrated Solutions Private Limited is the design and implementation, from cables to commissioning of Virtual / E-Classrooms, big Auditoriums, Conference Rooms, etc.

At Univeso Integrated Solutions Private Limited, we distribute latest technological products across Indian Market.

Wikipedia definition of “System Integrator”

A systems integrator is a … company that specializes in bringing together component subsystems into a whole and ensuring that those subsystems function together, a practice known as System Integration. Systems integrators may work in many fields but the term is generally used in the information technology (IT) field, the defense industry, or in media.

Our Clientele

The end users of our technology are educators, marketing professionals, security professionals, utility professionals, sports venues and government decision makers.  These end users are using the latest technology to achieve their particular goals such as illustrating an idea or focusing on a particular event in a surveillance video.

Today’s world is changing, our planet’s challenges, whether environmental or economical require new ideas and new approaches, our clients recognize this fact and it is Univeso Integrated Solutions Private Limited’s mission to identify with our commitment to be a quality integrator of innovation.

Our Vision

Univeso Integrated Solutions Private Limited Vision is to extend our experience in Converged Technology System Integration applications to all major verticals, profitably and to the advantage of our clients and suppliers. We see ourselves as one of the major distribution company for the latest technology products.

Our Values

Value honesty and professionalism in all people Understand and satisfy our customers, Respect and protect the health and safety of all Respect and protect the environment Value our employees.

Our Mission

To be the first-class distribution company and system integrator of choice in the Indian Market by serving our customers a consistently high level of quality services and products, while creating and maintaining an environment in which employees flourish to the best of their abilities.


Many markets, many technologies; the base technologies used in each vertical market is similar however each vertical market has its own particular adaptation.  Univeso Integrated Solutions Private Limited understands the difference, we understand the differences and our technologist listen to our clients’ goals and priorities and build solutions and systems accordingly.


This education market is a very important part of our client base.  These are the users of audio-visual tools for illustration, collaboration and cutting-edge research.  Educators, researchers and performing arts have worked with Univeso Integrated Solutions Private Limited to insure their own customized systems based on the following subsets.

  • Virtual Classrooms for Recording and Streaming of Live Lectures and Event and also to view them offline.
  • Interactive LCD Panels – for illustrating on lessons in real-time
  • Video Conferencing Solutions – for interviewing and collaboration
  • Conference Systems and Translation Systems – board meetings
  • Digital Signage – Campus awareness and digital notice boards
  • Lecture Theatre Systems – for delivering presentations clearly
  • Conference Rooms – AV for day to day meetings
  • Digital Podiums
  • AV Switching, Distribution and Control Systems.
  • LED Walls
  • Public Address – public announcements
  • Back Ground Music Systems – the right atmosphere in gym and cafeterias


Hotels, resorts and theme attractions all form part of the hospitality and tourism offering, for which we use our design and implementation services to implement entertainment and business technology with systems like:

  • Audio Visual Systems for Ballrooms – sound & video for events
  • Back Ground Music – create ambiance in restaurants and lobbies
  • Digital Signage – Display the days events and promote the hotel
  • Broadcast Pre-wire Systems – put in the cables to make broadcasting from the location more efficient

Government & Corporates

As government and corporations go about their business activities, training, researching, promoting initiatives, keeping their organizations compliant, procuring, developing ideas and participating in worldwide activities they all use some various parts of the following technology:

  • Video Conferencing – travel-less communication & collaboration
  • Boardroom and Chief Office Technology – impressive presentations
  • Digital Signage – Tailored public information
  • Conference, Voting and Translation Systems – manage conferences in different languages
  • Auditoriums – Address the masses


The transportation sector have traditionally been the earliest adopters of converged media technology airports, railway stations, roads and tunnels have been distributing important information to the masses for many decades. To this sector Univeso Integrated Solutions Private Limited offers:

  • Digital Signage – for advertising and broadcasting
  • Surveillance – monitor with video analytics
  • Command and Control Centers – monitor all data and video
  • Large format displays – LED screens of many meters in size

Public and Retail Areas

Public spaces like shopping malls, sports arenas, places of worship, hotel lobbies and airports all require clever audio visual technology to enhance the atmosphere and extend security to these areas.  Here is a list of systems deployed in public spaces:

  • Back Ground Music and Sound Reinforcement – clear audio
  • Large format LED displays – large screens for viewing at a distance
  • Digital Signage – promotion, public messages, and data display
  • Information Kiosks – interactive self service kiosks
  • Video Surveillance – live security and recorded to aid investigations

What do we do?

This chart describes the value proposition that Univeso brings to the table, each of the four areas are crucial to a complete solution from design through to post sales support.


A team of designers, engineers and draftsmen drive the initial phase of creating a solution that answers the performance specification of a project.  Our team is distributed throughout our office locations and they build their designs based on site surveys, user interviews and performance specification documents.


On award the Univeso operations team take over to implement the design and bring it to life.  This involves the mobilizing, project planning, approvals, detail design and tracking of changes and closing.  Our experienced team of project managers, coordinators and supervisors work in harmony with our technicians, logistics crew and subcontractors to deliver on time, working our way through each phase.


Experienced technicians and programmers work together to build out racks terminate and label cables, program control interfaces and do the final fixing of technology into a project. Senior technicians and specialist engineers do specialist configuration, testing, handover and training.


A signed off project completion certificate marks the start of the support service.  The service that Univeso extends during the warranty phase is great and, if desired, as an annual maintenance contract. Multiple support centers distributed through our Dealer Network insure that our technicians are only a few hours away to support our installations.

Service Manpower & Policy

Our Service Team is dedicated to our project Installations, Support and Repair including Service Manager, Service Coordinators, Service Engineers, Technicians, Installers, and drivers.